Emily Jiang

Artist Statement

As a contemporary jewelry artist and a millennial who lives in the Web 2.0 era, I am deeply interested in meme culture, and I believe that memes as a physical art form will eventually come to be accepted as worthy of a space on a gallery or museum wall. I believe that as a product of contemporary culture, memes and jewelry can both act as a communication medium to express a relationship, tell a story, and reflect social issues and the creator’s intentions. 

My works focus on memes as a public communication language that create a sense of community in a fragmented world. With the different topics that emerge in modern society, to establish a connection between my works and society, my topics and materials are ever-changing and ever-evolving, as is the case with memes. I produce physical memes through the process of creating jewelry, thereby evoking a sense of humor and acting as a reflection on pop culture. 

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About Emily Jiang

Emily Jiang is a M.F.A jewelry design candidate with a B.A degree in fashion marketing and management at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Besides her major focuses in college, she is passionate about fashion design and photography.

In the next stage of her life, she hopes to focus on sustainability in both the fashion and jewelry industry. Emily was raised in Beijing, then moved to Hong Kong in 2010. After graduating from high school, she moved to Savannah, GA USA to begin her university journey. Due to her multicultural background, having experienced both traditional Chinese culture through living in Beijing and a metropolitan lifestyle in Hong Kong, she is very open to exploring what else the world has to offer her.

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