Boyang Teng

Artist Statement

Emotions are the channel of self-expression; they are the way to express our innermost feelings. Color can trigger different parts of a human’s brain, and it is a way to record life, memories of the past, interpret current growth, and a vision of the future. I believe color is irreplaceable: it becomes a way for me to express myself. Traditionally, jewelry uses gemstone and enamel to deliver color to give vibrancy to surface, using metal as the base. Because of their value and inaccessibility, they are not everyday objects.


I want to use color as a language to show the two different sides of "me:" one in reality, low profile, not special, hard to distinguish from a group of people; a person who just likes natural and neutral colors. The other is in my world: high profile, unique; it is easy to recognize from a group of people: the same as vibrant color.


About Boyang Teng

Boyang Teng was born in Beijing, China. When she was 15 years old, she moved to the United States to study. She went to Savannah College of Art and Design to study Jewelry. She is a girl born with artistic talent, full of personality. She is very kind with a generous heart, willingness to help, and a good spirit of cooperation, having a strong ability to learn and accept new knowledge. Her artistic philosophy is about the pursuit of nature —the search for reality. Her purpose of art is to not only to create beauty bring to joy to others with that beauty.


She thinks that people engaged in artistic creation must understand truth and love. She likes painting, photography, hand making (especially liking the unique design of handmade objects), and is also sensitive to colors. Her attention to detail in pursuit of perfection has focused a unique aesthetic vision. She likes to fabricate stories with colors, has an excellent artistic foundation, and pays attention to color emotion. That is why her works are colorful, playful, enjoyable, bring reverie, and feel so refreshing.

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