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Andrea Ortiz

Artist Statement

Her cultural background and legacy influence Andrea Ortiz’s definition of jewelry. 

Her pieces are rooted in the emotional bonds that objects reflect while creating whimsical jewelry that brings magic to our daily lives.

Her inspiration comes from natural elements. She is drawn to textures and organic shapes. She is also curious about exploring how the pieces make the wearer feel and how the audience connects with them. This interaction is explored through compositions that activate the wearer's senses, with smells, haptic experiences, or engaging sounds by the user's movement. 


She frames her work in the jewelry design field. In this way, she feels her creations echo in someone else’s life as they use her pieces. She also enjoys making custom one-of-a-kind pieces to commemorate someone’s special story, item, or date. 


About Andrea Ortiz

Andrea Ortiz is a Colombian jewelry designer. Her studies in architecture at the University of The Andes, Bogota, lead her to a creative carrier in jewelry thanks to the intimate connection with craftsmanship and materials. Her work is based on self-introspection and emotional connection. It usually embeds personal and childhood memories. She aspires to use jewelry as a communication tool to project hope, joy, and bliss through my pieces.

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