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Mengtong Yu

Artist Statement

In my works, I was inspired by my childhood memories with grandparents, who worked in Beijing Filigree Inlay Factory. To resonate those moments, I use filigree as my main techniques. Using silver as a main material to keep the strong relationship between my grandparents and myself. Since I have  background, I am really into geometry. Also, I love of nature creates the unique combination of mushroom and geometric shapes.

About Mengtong Yu


Mengtong was born in Beijing, China, and based on Savannah, US. She went to Wuhan for her bachelor’s degree in Gemology and material technology in 2015. During her study in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), she found good interest in Jewelry, and wanted to learn more about art and design. Therefore, she started her new journey in Savannah College of Art and Design for MFA degree in Jewelry design.

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