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Jacqueline Yao

Artist Statement

Everyone has their own world – a space where they become themselves. It is both spiritual and precious. While some may open their world to share themselves, others are more protective. My works take inspiration from this space of separation. A place where relaxation and breath can lead to deeper connection with self.


Space is a conceptual word. It’s an open concept interpreted in a variety of meanings. Here, I also would like to leave this wide space open to everyone; to experience the relaxation, the breath... anything that can be connected and imagined.

jac yajing yao_portrait.jpg

About Jacqueline Yao

The artist is studying for an M.F.A. at Savannah College Of Art And Design. Her goal is to create long-lasting jewelry and accessories that aren't just roughly beautiful but also have a soul passed on from generation to generation. Drawing inspiration from music subculture, philosophy, and art, Yao continuously seeks the perfect balance between meaning, beauty, and function while cherishing the heritage of making things by hand in the best possible way. Jewelry expresses a possibility that few observers have ever noticed: Its ability to touch people. She uses a simple way to express complex thoughts, and she believes handmade can build a special relationship with jeweler and wearer.

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