Stina Wen

Artist Statement

Jewelry always serves as a means for me to explore the inner self. I express this visually and through tactile means; through hands to bring forward the mind. My works transmit my personal experiences of making to ultimately evoke other people's curiosity and touch instinct. I invoke the way to create a dynamic interaction in between wearer and viewer.

Growing up in an agricultural university within a prosperous urban city of Guangzhou, China has lead me to perceive natural and industrial city with a different perspective. Even though these two types of landscapes seem hard to get along with, I never see separation but harmonious integration between them. I enjoy living in this shifting landscape, which also inspires me to explore jewelry as a communicative tool that brings visual and haptic quality through being contrasted with alternative materials.

Concrete is the main material I work in this series with since this is the most common but neglected material we see every day. For me, concrete is not austere and bland but a flexible and shape-able material. I manipulate it in my own way to challenge its softness, tactility, and transparency. Therefore, my concrete not only looks soft but also feels soft. The transition of material from coarse to soft also creates a transitional color saturation, which intrigues viewers to see and touch. Life is so hard, but jewelry is something that could bright up our lives.

About Stina Wen

Stina (Siqiong) Wen graduated from the University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd School of Art, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metalwork. Now she is a M.F.A student at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Jewelry, for which she received the Achievement Graduate Scholarship and Academic Honors Scholarship. Although she was trained in traditional metalsmithing in her undergrad study, she is passionate about exploring alternative materials and observing everything in her daily life that infuse her creative process.

As a jewelry designer who was born in China and studied and traveled around different countries, she has experienced diverse cultures in her life. Stina attends the Smithsonian American Craft Show and Philadelphia MoA Contemporary Craft Show annually, and her works have been exhibited in United States, China, and Italy. Besides making jewelry, Stina enjoys teaching and writing articles that share or spread her artistic experience and enthusiasm for jewelry to more people.

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