Xiaotong Guo

Artist Statement

Since I was a child, I have been told to pursue perfection, as if the pursuit of perfection is lifelong. Perfection is commonly equated with beauty. I have always felt that there is an invisible standard pushing me towards perfection. I have often wondered, what is perfect? Is imperfection a failure? I look for answers in nature and have discovered so many imperfections. Those imperfections are eyecatchy and beautiful. Imperfections occur all over the world, bringing individuality, diversity, and beauty to objects. Finding beauty in these imperfections has become an interesting process that I enjoy exploring.


I look for the imperfect things that are abandoned in nature. I incorporate these natural imperfections into my works, elevating their beauty in the form of jewelry. Jewelry as a medium, is the perfect collision of beauty combined with imperfections, symbolizing my connection with nature. Perfect imperfections exist naturally… in nature and all of humanity


About Xiaotong Guo

Xinia Guan was born and raised in Inner Mongolia, China. She has Dual B.A. Degree in Literature and Economics from Inner Mongolia University. She studied for an M.F.A. in jewelry at Savannah College of Art and Design. She has achieved several exhibitions in the USA, Europe, and China, participated in JOYA Barcelona 2019, Munich Jewelry week 2020, and Athens Jewelry week 2020.

During three years of graduate study and practice, her works have gradually grown in static production and dynamic communication with the outside world. The combination of time and space has become everything in her current works. The meaning of creation is both construction and deconstruction. What is created in time will also be slowly deconstructed in time. But the process of learning and practicing has become an irreplaceable core on this road.

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