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Xinghua Liu

Artist Statement

Nature has always been an irreplaceable part of my memory. The loneliness in my childhood made me start to enjoy the time observing and get to learn about the creatures that are easily overlooked in nature. I sympathize with them. They grow quietly, but lack attention because of their smallness and different perspectives, just like my childhood. While growing up, observing nature has become a habit for me to understand the relationship between the world surround us. Changing from pure observation, I started to pay more attention to the fascinating mechanisms that support the growth and survival of creatures.

  Jewelry is an art form that is closest to the human body, it has much in common with the natural minutiae that I observed. The indispensable intimacy with mankind and sense of closeness, I involve the wearer and jewelry to interact as if the mechanisms in nature collaborate. Jewelry allows me to convey personal resonance with nature through diverse materials and processes. Exploring alternative materials to reconnect with nature, incorporating the wearer’s interaction and accentuate the beauty of jewelry allow me to convey sense of appreciation of nature through my observations and humble opinions.


About Xinghua Liu

Xinghua Liu was born in Beijing in 1995, and lived in Beijing till she went to the United States in 2014. Having grown up in an open and self-driven environment, she is passionate in gems and the nature, and thus decided to explore and express herself with jewelry. Now, pursuing her M.F.A degree in the major of jewelry design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Xinghua developed more on her jewelry practice which mainly focus on materials exploration and kinetic mechanism. Her international background and the sense of humor allows the audience to find resonance in the simplest form or actions, yet highly playable, which can help accurately deliver her ideas through jewelry settings.


Besides focusing on jewelry design and making, she is always interested in promoting jewelry to the public. Having had experience as a publicity editor and published articles on social medias, Xinghua has also been making effort on connecting between jewelry and the society.

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